Pay Per Click Campaign Management

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Ads are the Sponsored Links that you see at the top, right, and bottom of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) on Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Live. When you click on these ads you are taken to the advertiser's website and the advertiser is charged a fee for the click. The position of these ads are determined by an auction that factors in the maximum cost per click set by the advertiser for the keyword and the quality of the advertiser's ad and website. Quality is based on the relevance of the ad and website to the keyword.

Advantages or PPC Advertising

  • Perfect Timing - Your Ads are shown when someone is actively looking for what you sell. They are typing a word or phrase (keyword) related to what you sell into a search engine.
  • Immediate Increase in Website Traffic - Your ads will start showing within minutes of activating your campaigns. You will immediately have new visitors to your website that are specifically looking for what you sell.
  • Measurable Results - You are able to measure every action that your visitors take on your website. You will learn what keywords and ads result in the action you desire (conversion). This can be the sale of a product or simply when a customer fills out and submits a form. I will use this information to continuously improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and your website.
  • Total Control of Cost - You are able to set a maximum daily or monthly spend and there is no minimum spend requirement.
  • You Only Pay When Someone Visits Your Website - You are only charged when someone clicks on an Ad and is sent to your website.
  • Precise Geographic Targeting - You can target a specific geographic area with great precision. For example you can target anyone searching from a location within 20 miles of your address.


Campaign Setup

  • Goal Assessment - To setup your campaigns it is vital that I understand your goals. One of the most important goals to be determined is your maximum Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for each product or service you offer. This is the amount you are willing to spend to sell a product or to obtain a lead. To be cost effective your PPC campaigns must meet your CPA requirement.
  • Setup Website Analytics - The first order of business it to setup Google Analytics on your website so that we can analyze the activity on your website. This involves setting up a Google Analytics account for you and adding small sections of code to every page of your website.
  • Setup Pay Per Click Accounts - I will setup PPC accounts for you on the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Live.
  • Create Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Ads - I wll create campaigns, ad groups, and ads based on established assessment goals. For each ad group I will setup two ads to allow for split testing. Split testing involves running two ads simultaneously and evaluating their performance. The best performing ad is kept and the other ad is changed to improve performance. This process foster the continuous improvement of Click Through Rate over time.
  • Keyword Research - I will perform extensive keyword research before building your campaigns. Your keywords will be grouped in Ad Groups that contain ads that are relevant to the keywords in the Ad Group.
  • Setup Automatic Weekly Reporting - I will setup automated e-mail reporting of key website performance metrics. These e-mail reports will be sent to you weekly so that you are fully informed about the effectiveness of your campaigns and the progress being made on your account.

Campaign Maintenance

  • Weekly Reports and Recommendations - Along with a weekly e-mail report containing key website metrics I will submit recommendations for improving the performance of your campaigns.
  • Review Keyword Bids - I will monitor your bids to ensure that they are set for optimal positioning on SERPs. If your bids are too hight you will be paying too much. If they are too low our click through and conversion rates may be less than optimal.
  • Review Ad Split Testing Results - I will review ad split testing results. If there is a difference in ad performance that is statistically significant I will change the lower performing ad to improve it's performance.
  • Suggest Website Enhancements - Although the quality of your ads will determine your click through rate it is the quality of your website that will determine your conversion rate. I will make suggestions regarding your website to improve conversion rates.